State Treasure Dennis McKinney used Kansas State Fair to return $201,397.


State Treasure Dennis McKinney used Kansas State Fair to return $201,397/nr 09/27/2010

TOPEKA - Kansas State Treasurer Dennis McKinney announced Monday that his Unclaimed Property Division may have returned over 200-thousand to nearly one thousand people during state fair.

It is my job to reunite Kansans with their lost financial assets,” McKinney explained. “Reaching out to fairgoers is a great way to give back to Kansans what is rightfully theirs. I was pleased I was personally able to help one Kansan receive a property valued at over $4,185 and help another person find a missing royalty payment of $1,015.”

During fair week, over 188-thousand dollars in unclaimed property was claimed and paid out to Kansan's. The Treasurer’s booth was in the Meadowlark Building, and staff from the office worked each day filing claims for people that found unclaimed cash and property.

Our staff works hard to return as much as possible and the State Fair is a wonderful venue for us to connect Kansans with cash and property currently being held by our office.”

Each year, thousands of people lose track of their bank accounts, cash, stocks, bonds, refunds, royalties, safe deposit boxes and other property. People move and forget to furnish their bank, broker, employer or insurance company with a forwarding address. It's the Treasurer’s job to locate the rightful owners and heirs to the over 220-million dollars in unclaimed assets currently being held by the state.

Kansan's who didn’t make it to the fair may call the State Treasurer’s office at 1-800-432-0386 or visit